Engine Start Module

The SkelStart Engine Start Module (ESM) helps to start your truck in all weather conditions and even when your batteries have been drained.

By using leading edge cold resistant ultracapacitor technology, the ESM will be able to start your engine long after your batteries have been discharged.

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No more dead batteries

The SkelStart Engine Start Module is installed between the batteries and the starter engine of your truck. Once SkelStart has been installed it will always start the engine, and your batteries are free to only operate your truck’s lights, lift gates, and heating and electrical systems.

Batteries are the root cause for most engine starting problems, because they have a limited working temperature range, and a short lifetime. Starting the engine takes the big toll on your batteries, because of the power surge required to crank the engine to life. The SkelStart ESM eliminates that problem completely and you can be certain your truck will always start.


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What Our Customers Say SkelStart ESM reviews

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For truck drivers

SkelStart is the perfect companion for truck drivers, because once SkelStart has been installed, you will never have to worry about jumper cables or boosters. You will never have to idle the engine again to charge your batteries or to keep the cabin warm.

With SkelStart, you can let the batteries power the lift gate and you won't have to worry about the engine not starting. If you spend night on the road, you can be sure the engine will start in the morning even if your batteries have been depleted during the night.

For companies

How much is peace of mind worth to you? The SkelStart Engine Start Module makes sure you will not have to worry about late deliveries anymore. It will also reduce fuel consumption, because there is no need to idle the engine to charge the batteries.

No matter where your trucks go, you can be sure they will always start. No need to deal with late delivery fees or payments for jump-starts. No need to deal with insurance companies because your truck had to be towed.

Problems with batteries are a thing of the past with SkelStart. It will start your trucks every morning, no matter how cold it is or what condititions the batteries are in.

1 The length of payback time for truck owners in years
-40°C Lowest reliable starting temperatures
10 Minimum lifetime in years for the SkelStart ESM
6 Length of guarantee for the SkelStart ESM
2X Faster cold start cranking time for engine


High performance technology for your truck

SkelCap ultracapacitors were originally developed for the European Space Agency and are used for extra power in race cars. Ultracapacitors can also be found on high speed jets, collecting braking energy in trains and helping windmills shift direction. Now this technology is available in the SkelStart ESM for use in long-haul and short-range trucks.

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